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Unlock Your Ideal Customer Avatar Profile

By Jim Edwards

Connect with Your Ideal Customers on a Deeper Level than Your Competitors Could Ever Dream Of!

Unlock Your Ideal Customer Avatar Profile and learn how to avoid the mistakes that kill your chances of hitting your customers’ emotional “hot buttons” and creating those connections.

This book shows you exactly how to connect with your ideal customers, hit their emotional hot buttons, and inspire them to buy, try, click, and sign up… no matter what you sell!

With Unlock Your Ideal Customer Avatar Profile, you will:

  • Learn how to develop an ideal customer avatar so you can connect with your customers at hyper speed.
  • Understand the power of a fully formed ideal customer profile for growing your business to new heights.
  • Avoid the mistakes that kill your chances of identifying (let alone hitting) your customers’ emotional “hot buttons!”

Praise for Unlock Your Ideal Customer Avatar Profile

About Jim Edwards

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Jim Edwards, founder of Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC, is an Internet expert, marketing entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, author, motivational speaker and elite mentor and coach.

He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and his products have ranked number one best selling in the educational, business and economics and special interest, business categories on Amazon.

His latest works include The Jim Edwards Method, Funnel Scripts, Author Wizards, Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast, and his groundbreaking book Copywriting Secrets.

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